Symposia / Residences

2019               Early one Sunday Morning / European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC). Three-month residency exploring the interface between digital and analogue ceramic creation.

2017                 Grassi Museum, Leipzig Intervention: My name is Nobody, Germany:  for Jewish Week, June, 2017

2016                 The Road to Rumbola, installation and catalogue essay, created at the Mark Rothko Institute, Daugavpils, Latvia. [Catalogue]

2011                   9th. Römhild International Ceramics Symposium. Exhibition, museum Schlossglueksburg, Römhild Germany.

2011                   China Kaolin Grand Prix competition exhibition, Jingdezheng, China

2010                 10th. Anniversary symposium for anagama-fired ceramics, Tallinn, Estonia.

2008               Curator  and organiser of, and artist in, the British contingent to create new work in a month-long residency for New International  Ceramic Museums,  Flicam, Fule, China

2006                   Cuban memories. International Residency in Camaguey, Cuba.

2005                   International Raku Symposium. Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression, Eagleheart art centre, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. Catalogue

2004                   Clay Modern. Gulgong Australia. Mixed Exhibition and Invited Keynote Conference Speaker

2001                   Raku. Invited international, keynote exhibitor at symposium at Biseul arts Centre, Daegu, Korea. Catalogue

1993                   INAX Design Prize for European Ceramics, 3-month Residency, Lectures and Demonstrations, Exhibitions in Tokyo, Tokoname, Japan.

1990                   Iris, Residency in Porvoo, Helsinki, Finland.