Shaping Ceramics: From Lucie Rie To Edmund De Waal

This exhibition was curated at the Jewish Museum in London to highlight the contribution that had been made to British ceramic culture by immigrants displaced from Europe, and also by  second generation makers, descents of people who had been granted sanctuary in the UK, as a result of persecution by the Nazis in WW2. There was a very strong sense of Bauhaus sensibility and also a range of responses to Jewish identity exhibited in the show.

My work in the exhibition focused on the representation of the humanity that was stripped from my grandparents and millions of other victims in Nazi concentration camps. Through employing the burnt aspect of raku, the work speaks of the unspeakable and establishes an ethical dimension for clay objects. These Deconstructed Tea Bowls record the traces of their own making and with that the memory of marked and damaged clay and flesh both past and present.