2024                   India Ceramics Triennial. Invitational exhibition and lecture presentation interrogating the relationship of AI and the handmade.

2023                   Macsabal: bowl and Wood-firing Symposium, Haceteppe University, Ankara, Turkey

2023                   Conversations with Potters. International Group exhibition. National Gallery of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

2022                   We Were Here. Collaborative project and exhibition. Kusadasi International Mehmet Nuri Göcen Ceramic Workshop / Gallery, Kusadasi. Turkey.

2022                Handled/Mishandled, for We are vessels. An international collaborative exhibition, focussed on digital ceramic printing at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, Netherlands.    

2021               Imprint, for “On the Edge”, International Academy of Ceramics. Biennial Members exhibition. (Juried and curated by Frederick Bodet).

2019              The Hand as Idea culmination of three month Residency at Early One Sunday Morning [European  Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC)], Netherlands

2018               IAC international selected exhibition. Yingge Museum, Taiwan

2017              My name is Nobody,Intervention: Grassi Museum, Leipzig, Germany:  for Jewish Week, June 2017

2017               Heritage and Diversity: joint curator (with Professor Boo-Yun Lee) of selected exhibition of European and Korean Ceramics. Hanyang University museum and art gallery, Seoul, South Korea. [Catalogue]

2106               Shaping Ceramics: from Lucie Rie to Edmund de Waal, Exhibition, The Jewish Museum London. [Catalogue]

2106-18         Porcelain Reflections: International Selected exhibition and tour. Galerie Kempro, Eindhoven, Holland; Galerie Gees, Belgium; Cultural Centre t’ Vondel, Halle, Belgium; The Blue House Porcelain gallery, Dubi, Czech Republic; Gmunden ceramic centre, Gmunden, Austria; Cultural Centre in Beringen, Belgium; Gallery Pi², Erpe, Belgium; Cultural Centre Zwaneberg, Heist-op- den-Berg, Belgium; Cultural Centre, Maasmechelen, Belgium. [Catalogue] Co-Author of accompanying article published in Klei magazine in Holland.

2016               IAC selected exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

2016               The Road to Rumbola, installation and catalogue essay, created at the Mark Rothko Institute, Daugavpils, Latvia. [Catalogue]

2014                   Raku. International Selected Exhibition. Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen, Holland.

2013                   Grenzerfahrung; created at the Römhild International Ceramics Symposium. Exhibition, Germany. Tour to Galerie Handwerk Koblenz

2013                   Römhild International Ceramics Symposium. Exhibition, Germany. Tour to Stadtmuseum, Weimar, Germany.

2012                   Römhild International Ceramics Symposium. Exhibition, Germany. Tour to Wasserschlossmuseum, Chemnitz, Germany.

2011                   9th. Römhild International Ceramics Symposium. Exhibition, museum Schlossglueksburg, Römhild Germany.

2011                   China Kaolin Grand Prix competition exhibition, Jingdezheng, China

2011                   Life after College. SCA gallery, Shrewsbury, UK.

 2011                  Friends and Firemates. curated by Nina Hole. Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Skælskør, Denmark.  tour (dec 2011) to Keramikmuseum, Grimmerhus, Middelfart, Denmark.

2010                   Raku. Exhibition with three other British Raku Artist-potters. Bevere Gallery, Worcester.

2010                   10th. Anniversary exhibition of anagama-fired ceramics, Tallinn, Estonia.

2010                   Mastering Raku. Mixed exhibition. Based on the book by Steve Branfman. Gorse Mill Studios, Needham, MA, USA.

2008                   IAC Members Exhibition, Flicam, Fule, International Ceramic Art Museum, China

2008                   Curator and organiser of, and artist in, the British contingent to create new work in a month-long residency for Flicam, Fule, International Ceramic Art Museum, Shaanxi, China. (Arts Council Sponsored)

2007                   David Jones and Emma Rodgers. Where I fell in Love Gallery. Stowe, Warwickshire. Catalogue

                            Art in Action, Waterperry House, Oxford.

                            Crafts Potters Association at 50. mixed exhibition, Bevere Gallery, Worcester.

                            Invited to lead a panel discussion on Theories of Display And Installation at the NCECA conference in Kentucky USA.

                            Tour of Raku Exhibition: Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression. To Ceramics Research Center Gallery, Arizona State University Museum, USA

2006                   Cuban memories. Mixed exhibition of ceramics at the International Museum of Artistic Ceramics in Camaguey, Cuba.

                            Raku – The spirit in the Fire. 3-person exhibition. Bevere Gallery, Worcester.

                            Tour of Raku Exhibition: Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression. To American Museum of Contemporary Art, Pomona California, USA

2006                   Wofür brennen wir? International Symposium of Ceramics, Exhibition. Invited delegate. Kunstlerhaus 188, Halle, Germany

2006                   Durch das Feuer Gehen. Westerwald Museum, Germany, Installed exhibition. +Catalogue

                            How art is made. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

2006                   Tour of Raku Exhibition: Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression. RC Gallery, Portland Oregan, USA. [For NCECA].

2005                     Naked Clay. rufford ceramic centre. group exhibition

                            Lichfield Cathedral. Ceramics Exhibition

                   International Raku Symposium and Exhibition. Origins, Impact and Contemporary Expression, Eagleheart art centre, Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. Catalogue

                   Earth and Fire. Rufford Ceramic Centre. Master of Ceremonies and exhibitor

                   Glanz und Gloria. Wohnen und Kunst. Berlin, Germany

2004                   Tour of fixing-light, fixing-fire to Bilston craft gallery

            Tour of Taiwan Biennale to Kaoshuing Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

                            2-person exhibition. New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

     Tour of fixing-light, fixing-fire to Burton Art Gallery, Bideford

                           Earth and Fire. Rufford Ceramic Centre. Master of Ceremonies and exhibitor.

                            21st. anniversary exhibition.  St James’ Gallery, Bath

                           Clay Modern. Gulgong Australia. Mixed Exhibition and Invited Keynote Conference Speaker

               Sculpture in the garden. Hannah Peschar, Ockley, Surrey 

                           Taiwan ceramics biennale, Yingge, Taiwan, selected for exhibition, competition.

2003                    Mixed exhibition. The New Ashgate gallery, Farnham

                             Drinking Vessels. Candover Gallery. Alresford. Hants.

                   David Jones ceramics. 2-person ceramic show Gallery 27. 27 Cork St. London. organised by Beside the Wave Gallery

                          Earth and Fire. Rufford ceramic fair. Master of Ceremonies and exhibitor

                          Potters and their Books. The Old Bakehouse Gallery. Christchurch.

                          fixing light – fixing fire. Tour to Secret Hills Discovery centre. Craven Arms.

2002                  Fixing Light – Fixing Fire. A Collaborative exhibition at The Art Gallery and Museum, The Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa

Raw. Exhibition of unglazed ceramics. Rufford Craft Centre.

                            Salzbrand Keramik. Handwerkskammer, Koblenz, Germany. Selected and invited for competition and exhibition

                            The Tea Party. Bircham Contemporary Arts. Holt Norfolk. Mixed exhibition.

                   Art in Action, Waterperry House, Oxford. Exhibition stand plus demonstration

                   Material Memories.  Southtown Gallery, Leamington Spa. 2-person exhibition to run concurrent with Warwickshire Arts Week.

                          Earth and Fire, Rufford Ceramic Centre. Exhibition stand Plus Master of Ceremonies.

                            New at the Ashgate. New Ashgate Gallery. Farnham. mixed exhibition.

               summer exhibition Gallery Upstairs, Hampton in Arden

2002                   David Jones ceramics. Solo exhibition, Crawford Arts Centre. St. Andrews, Scotland.

                            mixed exhibition. New Ashgate gallery. Farnham

2001                   2nd. Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Korea. (Honourable Mention). Catalogue

                           The Bowl. Candover Gallery. Alresford, Hampshire.

                   Simple and Pure. Exhibition of Porcelain. Contemporary Ceramics. London

                   Raku. Invited international, keynote exhibitor at symposium at Biseul arts Centre, Daegu, Korea. Catalogue

                             Nyon Triennial Porcelain Competition, selected to participate, Nyon, Switzerland. Catalogue

                            Raku, Investigations into Fire, Co-Curator of Raku and Low Fire Exhibition Tour. Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

2000.                  Raku, Investigations into Fire, Co-Curator of Raku and Low Fire Exhibition, Rufford Craft Centre.

               Art in Clay, Keynote Speaker and Exhibitor, Hatfield House.

                           Art in Action, Exhibitor and Demonstrator, Waterperry, Oxon.

                Antiques of the Future, The Old Bakehouse Gallery, Chichester.

        10th. Anniversary Exhibition, Mid Cornwall Galleries, Par, Cornwall.

                   David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Cecilia Colman Gallery, London.

1999                           Connections, Exhibition, Co-curator and exhibitor, writer of Catalogue Essay, Rufford Craft Centre.

1998                           Ikebana Competition, Takeshemaya, Osaka, Japan. Catalogue.

Art in Clay, Exhibitor and Keynote Speaker, Hatfield House.

Earth and Fire, Exhibitor at Ceramic Fair, Rufford Craft Centre.

1997                           Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award Competition selected Exhibitor, Auckland, New Zealand. Catalogue.

                                    World Triennial Exhibition of Small Ceramics, selected Exhibitor,Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Catalogue.

                                    British/Israeli Arts Foundation: Conference, Lecture Tour and Demonstrations, Exhibition. Jerusalem, Tel Hai, Haifa, Israel.

David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland.

300 Tons of Clay, Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

                                    Teapotomania, Touring Exhibition.

1996                           Salzbrand Keramik, selected, Handwerkskammer, Koblenz, Germany.

                                    Raku, Gibbs Gallery, Canterbury.

                                    Collectors Cups, Selected, Handwerkskammer, Koblenz.

                                    Kunsthuis Ingrid Desmet, Kortrijk, Belgium.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Three Person Exhibition, Pyramid, York.

1995                           Lustre, Contemporary Ceramics, London.

                                    The Garden, Inax, Shinjyuku, Tokyo Japan.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Two-person exhibition, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham.

                                    Advent Exhibition, European Ceramics, Knaresborough.

1994                   The International and Japanese Ceramic Tradition, The National Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

                                    Raku, Rufford Crafts Centre.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Shire Hall Art Gallery, Stafford.

1993                   INAX Design Prize for European Ceramics, 3-month Residency, Lectures and Demonstrations, Exhibitions in Tokyo, Tokoname, Japan.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh.

1992                           The Tea Party, Rufford Crafts Centre, Nottingham.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Cecilia Colman Gallery, London.

1991                           David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Galerie L, Hamburg, Germany.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Bettles Gallery, Ringwood, Hampshire.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Beaux Arts, Bath.

                                    Raku, Galerie Argile, Brussels, Belgium.

1990                           Iris, Porvoo, Helsinki, Finland.

                                    Galerie Marianne Heller, Sandhausen, Germany.

1989                           David Jones Ceramics. Courcoux and Courcoux, Salisbury.

1988                           David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Royal Exchange Crafts Centre, Manchester.

                                    Coloured Ceramics, Galerie Schneider, Germany.

1987                   Contemporary European Ceramics, Landesmuseum, Stuttgart, Germany.

                                    Raku, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Anatol Orient Gallery, London.

1984                           David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, galerie de sluis, Leidschendam, Holland.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Oxford Gallery.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Charlotte Hennig Gallery, Darmstadt, Germany.

1983                           Lustreware, British Crafts Centre, London.

                                   David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Galerie L, Hamburg, Germany.

                                    Westminster Gallery, Boston, USA.

                                    David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Liberty, London.

1982                           David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Peter Dingley Gallery, Stratford on Avon.

1981                           David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Somers Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany

                                    British Porcelain, Prescote Galley, Cropredy.

                                    On the Surface, Amalgam, London.

1980                           David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Century Galleries, Henley on Thames.

1979                           David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Innate Harmony / Cecilia Colman Gallery, London.

1978                           David Jones Ceramics. Solo Exhibition, Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry