Conferences and Demonstrations

2024            In a world, soon to be controlled by Artificial Intelligence, are there still reasons to make ceramics by hand? India Ceramics Triennial, Delhi. Invitational lecture.

2023                   Crafting Identity. Keynote lecture for “Conversations with Potters” conference, addressing the place of “the hand” in a world of evolving AI dominance. Bangkok, Thailand.

2022                    Making, Tracing: A Journey Back From England to the Polish Stetl. Online discussion focused on my work, with Julia Weiner (curator of Making Ceramics at Jewish Museum). Presentation and discussion for Insider/Outsider platform on the contributions of Migrants to the UK.

2021                         Meditations on Contact after COVID. Lecture presented at NCECA. USA Online conference.

2019               Understandings hinted at in the re-construction of Negative Space. Keynote address given at “Crafting the Body”. Conference, University College for the Arts, Farnham, UK

2018               You can take Orientalia out of the Orient but you can’t take the Orient out of Orientalia. IAC international congress. Yingge Museum, Taiwan

2017                 Porcelain Reflections: International Selected exhibition, (advisor to                          the curator), and tour to Dubi, Czech Republic. Keynote lecture on                                 Contemporary Porcelain expression. [Catalogue]

2017               Heritage and Diversity: joint curator (with Professor Boo-Yun Lee) of conference addressing the inter-relationship of  European and Korean Ceramics. Hanyang University museum and art gallery, Seoul, South Korea. [Catalogue]

2016                           The Road to Rumbola, Lectures and catalogue essay, created at  the Mark Rothko Institute, Daugavpils, Latvia. [Catalogue]

2011                   Römhild International Ceramics Symposium. Exhibition, Germany.

2011                           A decline in standards – a critical discussion of the contributions of Bernard Leach and Marcel Duchamp to contemporary ceramics. NCECA, Tampa, Florida, USA

2001-2011         Earth and Fire. (CPA Ceramic Fair). Master of ceremonies and exhibitor.

2010                   10th. Anniversary symposium of anagama-fired ceramics, Tallinn, Estonia.

2009                   Making Futures. Conference paper (peer reviewed and presented) at Plymouth College of Art, Mt. Edgcumbe, Devon.

2009                   China research trip (sponsored by British Council) to Sujhou and Jingdezheng

2008                   keynote conference presentation at Keramikei VII, Afyon University, Turkey 

2008                   Curator and organiser of, and artist in, the British contingent to create new work in a month-long residency for Flicam, Fule, International Ceramic Art Museum, China Shaanxi, China. (Arts Council Sponsored)

2007                   New Crafts Future Voices. Conference on the Crafts. Selected to present 5000-word paper on Synchronicity and the Crafts. conference proceedings. ISBN: 1 899837 55 8

2007                   Invited to lead a panel discussion on Theories of Display And Installation at the NCECA conference in Kentucky USA.

2007                   Masterclass. CNIFOP, Burgundy, France

2005                       The Firing. Contributor to the BBC Radio 4 programme

2005                       International Raku Symposium and exhibition. invited exhibitor and keynote speaker. Grand Junction, Colorado,  USA. Tour to: the American Museum of Ceramic Art in  Pomona, California [with Paul Soldner, Rick Hirsch, Jim Romberg]

2004                        Appledore Art and Ceramics Festival. Demonstrator and Master Class at Bideford Art Gallery and Museum

                                    Clay Modern. Gulgong, Australia. Exhibitor and keynote speaker

               Ist. Ceramics Biennale, Yingge, Taiwan. Exhibitor and delegate

2001                   Raku. Organiser and chair of symposium at Rufford Ceramic Centre

2001                           Raku. Invited international demonstrator and keynote speaker and exhibitor at symposium at Biseul arts Centre, Korea

2000                           Art in Clay, Keynote Speaker and Exhibitor, Hatfield House.

1999               East meets West, Conference, Keynote Speaker (with Takeshi Yasuda, and Sandy Brown).

                           Scottish Potters 25th. Anniversary, Conference. Keynote Demonstrator / Speaker,

1997                           British/Israeli Arts Foundation, Conference, Lecture Tour and Demonstrations, Exhibition. Jerusalem, Tel Hai, Israel.

Popularity and Populism, Conference– a Discussion of the Turner Prize, Keynote Speaker, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland.

The Impenetrability of Surface, Conference, Keynote Speaker, Organiser and Chair, University of Wolverhampton.

Pottery in the Making, Demonstration /Lecture, British Museum, London.

300 Tons of Clay, Conference, Co – Chair, Wolverhampton.

1994                           The International and Japanese Ceramic Tradition, Symposium, Keynote Speaker and Demonstrator, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1993                           Lectures and demonstrations in Tokyo, Nagoya, Tokoname, Japan